Artificial Grass Pitch (AGP)
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AGP Rules of Use
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1. AGP Rules of Use

Rules of Use for the Rugby 365 Pitch

These rules are for your safety, the safety of others and enjoyment.

USE studded footwear only; NO blades or flat soles. Footwear SHOULD be clean and in good condition.

Footwear that does not comply with World Rugby Regulation 12 and FIFA Law 4 is PROHIBITED. For more information, see below.

• NO Smoking / Naked Flames
• NO Chewing Gum
• NO Food
• NO Drinks - other than water
• NO Animals
• NO Vehicles - other than approved maintenance equipment

Visit the Rugby 365 site for more information -

World Rugby Regulation 12
Item 3 - Studs
Studs of players’ boots must conform to the “Safety Aspects of Rugby Boot Sole Design” set out below:” (Appendix 2 hereto).

World Rugby REGULATIONS – LAW 4.3
Studs/cleats of player’s boots must conform with World Rugby Specifications (Regulation 12), must not be longer than 21mm, and must not have any burring or sharp edges.
For more detailed information on World Rugby Regulation 12, please visit :

FIFA Law 4
Foe more information on FIFA Law 4, please visit:

Please download the PDF below for a clear guide on which boots are allowed and which are prohibited on the AGP.